Raspberry Pi-powered Left 4 Dead 2 Stat Tracker


I am an avid gamer, and Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) is one of my favorite video games. I put my interest in video games to good use and started a personal project to make a L4D2 stat tracker. The stat tracker is a physical trophy that keeps track of how many zombies you’ve killed in L4D2 so you can show off your zombie-killing skills to your friends. Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3, it uses a Python script to automatically grab stats from your Steam Profile Page over WiFi and display them on an LCD.

I also used this project to learn about creating, editing, and publishing videos to YouTube, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite hobbies. Here is a video summarizing what the Stat Tracker is, how it works, and how I made it.

I created a project page on to document the project, and I published the Python script that drives the stat tracker on GitHub. This project was also featured in a article!

Project Takeaways

This project allowed me to gain technical experience in the following areas:

These are some non-engineering related aspects I also gained experience in:

Most importantly, this project helped me discover an exciting new hobby: working on cool technical projects and making YouTube videos about them!


All the details for this project, including the BOM, wiring diagrams, and build instructions, are located on my Hackaday project page. Please check it out!